Natural Lip Balm


Hana&Hana Lip Balm brightens up your smile and blood your lips. Special lip care with natural ingredients nourishes, moisturize and regenerate your lips. The balm does not dry your lips, but it beautifully softens them.

Manufacturer: Hana&Hana Product code: P00006

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Instructions for use:

Apply a balm on your lips.


Avoid contact with eyes.

The ingredients:

Bee wax, castor oil, bambua butter, cocoa butter, esential oil: mint


Finely pepermint

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics


HANA & HANA is a handmade cosmetics that saves nature and pampers you. We add into
your products excluding natural raw materials also our love and positive energy. That is
why is our osmetics highly addictive. After using it you will feel beautiful and yourself.
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