Natural Body Extra Moisturizer Cream


Hana&Hana Natural Body Extra Moisturizer Cream gives to your skin a silky gentle feeling. It is created from high quality ingredients that nourish, moisturize ad regenerate your skin. Thanks to the grape oil it reduces various skin problems. The cream is rapidly absorbed and it is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the charming essential scent of Indonesian flowers you will feel like in Bali.

Manufacturer: Hana&Hana Product code: P00010

16 € incl. VAT
Na sklade

Instructions for use:

Apply the requiered amount of the cream to your skin.


Avoid contact with eyes.

The ingredients:

Apricot oil, grape oil, cocoa butter, lamecreme, xanthan, glycerin, distilled water, vitamin A, biokons, essential oil: vanilla


Irresistible sweet vanilla

Skin type:

Normal, mixed, oily, dry

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics


HANA & HANA is a handmade cosmetics that saves nature and pampers you. We add into
your products excluding natural raw materials also our love and positive energy. That is
why is our osmetics highly addictive. After using it you will feel beautiful and yourself.
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