Hana & Hana is not only cosmetics. It is my Life Style in which I am linking (connecting) the nature, surfing and traveling with human beauty. I supply the body with Balinese smell without chemicals.

The story of my cosmetics began like this.

One day, we have chosen to travel with second Hana and with our broken hearts to the place full of peace, beauty and green nature. We went to our favorite and fragrant Bali where our first cosmetics from Hana & Hana Factory has began arise. I will not forget as we sat wet after the rain at the open café – or it was rather a „container“ with a wonderful view of rice fields and we create a business card.

We focused on Bali´s beauty worskhops of natural cosmetiscs where we have been in touch with real nature. Only one does not experience natural oil cooking or a shampoo preparation in the womb of the nature – in the center of the Balinese jungle. Inspirations were coming to us from each side.

After arriving home to Bratislava and Prague we have started to do what we have learned and in what we have found our tranquility, feminity and sense. And this is how the path of natural cosmetics Hana & Hana Factory has formed. Try it and transfer yourself with me to my favourite place of hydration, relaxation and green landscapes – to Bali.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics


HANA & HANA is a handmade cosmetics that saves nature and pampers you. We add into
your products excluding natural raw materials also our love and positive energy. That is
why is our osmetics highly addictive. After using it you will feel beautiful and yourself.
Try it...